The German band leichenwetter has a unique conception: the four musicians combine the old lyrics of dead German poets with powerful music and modern sounds. The band transports the timeless poems of different ages of German literature into the present time putting together the energy of Metal and the atmosphere of Gothic.

But you are wrong to think of leichenwetter just reciting the boring stuff of standard poems learned in school. The band mixes interesting German poetry with their own special sound of powerful drums, heavy guitars and modern keyboards to create an atmosphere that overwhelms the listener and shows the old poems in a different light.

Who thinks that leichenwetter just want to bring back poetry to today´s youth and try to be some kind of intellectual is utterly mistaken. Due to baritone Numen, who bridges the gap of modern rock music and "old-fashioned" poetry by interwaving the lyrics completely into the instrumental frame, it is needless to look for a strain of disgusting German "Volksmusik" or singer/ songwriter-style in the music of leichenwetter.

After the album "Letzte Worte", which was released in 2005, the long awaited second album "Klage" follows in January 2007, on which leichenwetter stick to their unique concept: Again they chose poems from different times, e.g. Baroque and Expressionism, and transport them to the modern listeners.

"Klage" has been produced by Rudolf Heimann and mastered by the legendary sound-artist EROC (ex-GROBSCHNITT).

Support for famous bands like: Unheilig, The Crüxshadows, Subway To Sally, Tanzwut, Vision Bleak & Megaherz

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